Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I need this service?

  • Some guys may be sabotaging each of their dates by saying the wrong things, not addressing unresolved personal issues, setting unrealistic expectations, not dressing the part, dating the wrong types of guys, etc. Our professional dating coaches will work with you to overcome these types of hurdles, so that you can meet the man of your dreams.

How much is the service?

  • The fee is only $100 for two 45 minute virtual sessions. Each additional session is $50.



What cities do you match guys?

  • Anywhere in the United States of America.

Is dating coaching included with the matchmaking service?

  • No, they are two different services. However, most guys request both services.

How much does the matchmaking service cost?

  • The VIP Guaranteed Matchmaking package is only $500. This package ensures that you will be matched with a guy based off of your preferences, because your matchmaker will actively search for your match and work with you to find a match.
  • The Database Matchmaking package is only $100. The matchmaker will match you with someone within the database based off of your preferences.



How do you conduct the sessions?

  • We use a private and secure Zoom platform.

How much does couples counseling cost?

  • $100 for each 45 minute virtual session.

Do you accept insurance?

  • No

Can female couples or other LGBTQ couples use this service?

  • Absolutely, we are trained and have the experience of working specifically with LGBTQ couples.


*** There are no refunds for any service ***