Better Way to Meet

Virtual Speed-Dating


Join us Thursday, November 19th at 8 PM ET for the next virtual speed dating event for guys all over the United States of America.

Click here to register in advance: 





Better Way to Meet’s Lamont Scales will be hosting a special virtual speed-dating event for guys across the United States. This is way more exciting than traditional speed dating, so you don’t want to miss out.

Steps to get started:

  • Please register by 7p.m. EST, so that you can receive a link to join the Zoom Virtual Speed-Dating Event.
  • Create a Zoom account:
  • Download the Zoom app or program to your computer or smartphone. (
  • After you register, you will receive a link to join the meeting by 8p.m.

During the virtual meeting:

  • Please be in a quiet area;
  • Use headphones;
  • Dress to impress;
  • Grab your favorite cocktail or wine;
  • Mute your line, when you’re not speaking; and
  • Have fun!


  • Large Group Discussion and Logistics
  • Individual Speed-Dates  (3-5 minute dates with at least 10 different guys)
  • Open Q&A discussion with all of the guys. THIS IS THE FUN PART! LOL
  • Close out


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