Better Way to Meet


What is a Better Way to Meet?

We provide relationship & dating coaching for LGBT people anywhere in the United States.

We also provide professional matchmaking service for gay and bisexual men in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

These services were established to address the difficulties associated with making high-value, personal connections in the modern dating environment.

Our consultants conduct video coaching sessions for LGBT singles and couples around the United States and arrange one-on-one meetings between compatible single guys at fun, out-of-the-box venues throughout the city. We work with our clients to prepare them for each date and ensure they put their best foot forward.

Our Services

Our objective is to facilitate fun and safe meetings between compatible singles that lead to lasting relationships. To that end, we provide the following services:

Professional Matchmaking - Tailored matching with arranged dates that include pre-date coaching and post-date assessments.

Relationship & Dating Coaching Sessions - Coaching by professionals to make sure you present yourself in the best light.

Short-Term Psycho-Education Groups - Facilitated discussions to help groups of guys navigate the dating world and a great way to meet other singles.

Couples Counseling - Counseling by a professional to ensure you and your new partner are prepared for success.

Speed Dating - Free nontraditional speed dating events where guys get a chance to socialize in a structured and fun venue.