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Should guys still date, during the COVID-19 outbreak?

By Lamont Scales / March, 30 2020

The rapid emergence of COVID-19 aka “Ms. Corona” has many guys weighing the risk of intimacy, sex, dating, and human interaction. A good friend of mine remarked by saying, “The gays have been screwing guys with bad coughs since the 80s—this isn’t going to stop us now”. As bad as the remark sounds, there may be some truth to the statement. However, I hope the death of 1000s of gay men in the 80s has taught us a few things.

Are guys bunkering down, social distancing, and taking extreme measures to avoid COVID-19? If you ask me, probably not. We all need human connection. Guys are assessing their risk and making the best decisions for themselves. They are using this time to connect with guys, especially since there’s really nothing else to do. There are only so many movies you can watch on Netflix, trips to the grocery store, closets to clean and reorganize before you go insane! Sometimes, only the company of another man will do! (I think I got excited by that last statement.) On the other hand, I think some gay men are isolating and taking a break from in-person dating and hook-ups. These guys are probably extremely concerned about their personal health and the impact that an unknown virus might have on them and others close to them.

In some places, everything is closed, except for essential businesses and services. Bars, clubs, concerts, festivals, churches, and other social gatherings places are no longer open to connect with a cute guy. Guys are spending more time on the dating/hook-up apps, not just to hook-up, but to have some sort of excitement, romance, entertainment, and human connection. Some guys are seeking human connection and attention so bad, the number of thirst-trap pictures on social media has skyrocketed!

So, should guys still date during the COVID-19 outbreak or take a break? I think guys should heed the guidance of public health and medical professionals, so that we can bring an end to this outbreak quickly. Right now, is a great time for guys to be creative with dating, while reducing their risk of acquiring or transmitting COVID-19. 

Here are a few things that guys can do to lower their risk:

  • Have video dates, which could or could not include XXX cam action.
  • Meet a guy for a bike-ride around the neighborhood.
  • Have a picnic at the park or his backyard.
  • Go for a run or walk in the neighborhood. 
  • Have a Netflix & Chill Party ( 
  • Still use dating apps, but schedule an in-person date in late April or early May. 
  • Ask screening questions (Fever, shortness of breath, cough, contact with others) before hooking-up with a guy.
  • Find one special quarantine bae to ride this thing out and him! 

Here’s a link to learn the facts about COVID-19:

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